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Why Hoop Earrings Never Go Out of Style

For decades, ladies have taken extra care to select jewelry because it can be used as a fashion statement to complement an outfit. Somehow, the right one has the power to elevate your look from plain to classy in a matter of minutes. For the simple, chic look or a bold fashion statement, hoop earrings will always be a go-to. And I’ll be giving you fun reasons why they will be in style for generations to come.

Great for every occasion

If you are looking for easy-to-wear jewelry, hoop earrings should be at the top of the list. The fact that they are simple does not take away the sophisticated elegance they offer.  Hoping to turn heads at that red carpet event? What about a laid back office look? Or perhaps evening hang-out with friends? Whichever the occasion, different variations of hoops can fit your unique style. 

The confidence it gives

Hoop earrings scream certain messages that cannot be ignored. It communicates power, confidence, and a sweet dash of feminism like none other. Take a look at some stars, including both A-listers and minor ones, rocking theirs on different occasions, and you’ll understand a little better.

The extra glances you are sure to get

Who doesn’t love to be admired?! Sometimes, you want to go on the loud side, and this is possible with large hoop earrings. Even with a simple outfit, your large hoops could earn you that second and third glance as you strut away, looking effortlessly stylish.  They also look amazing in the many available color combinations to compliment different skin tones. I’d go as far as saying large hoop earrings are a must-have in your jewelry box for the attention they are sure to command.

Works perfectly with any hairstyle

Sometimes, we make fashion mistakes when pairing earrings to hairstyles. People struggle with balancing earring choices in a way that it compliments the look. With a pair of hoops earring, you cannot go wrong with the different sizes and volumes available. Thus, if you want to showcase the entirety of the jewelry, you can wear your hair up or vice versa, giving you the versatility and freedom to determine the look you want.

Finally, I can bet other earrings in my box feel lonely because my hoop earrings are usually the chosen ones. Now, I’m sure you can see why I’ll always be on the Hoop Earrings Team, and I hope you’ll join me too.

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